Secure payments

On Envy05 online store every purchase is done in a complete safety mode using "PayPal".

  • Comfortable: thanks to the possibility of paying directly on the site via PayPal following the wizard, you can use your credit card or your Paypal account;
  • Fexible: As it manages the payments on line through the electronics safe and have a money back guarantee in case your purchase will not ever declined.
  • Trasparent: Envy05 online store can not receive the credit card customer. Paypal tells Envy05 online store confirmation of the transaction.



Methods of payment:

 1. Paypal:

Million users use Paypal because its easy, secure, and fot its customer protection policy. At the end of the purchase procedure on Envy05 online store you will be redirected on Paypal web site to complete the payment. 

2. Bank Trasfer:

We do accept a bank transfer as a payment for your purchase. It can be done at the following bank details:
Bank name: Deutsche Bank
Iban:IT82L0310452710000000821032 - Swift: DEUTITM1095
Payee: Union Berries International S.a.s. - Causal: Envy05 online store and the numer of your order.

3. Payment by cash to the forwader: (only for shipments to Italy)

Please note that this payment method are available only for orders made and delivered in Italy. Is not valid for any foreign country. 

In Italy you can chose "cash to the forwarder" as a payment terms during the purchase procedure. This payment method has an additional cost of 5,00 €. 

At the moment of the delivery you need to have ready in your hands exactly the ammount of your order. For security reason the forwarder can not change money.  

If you chose this payment methods please remember that in case of reimbursment you need a bank account where we can make the transfer. 


Customer service:

For any further requirements please do not hesitate to contact our customer service at:


TELEFONO ENVY05 ONLINE STORE  Telefono:  +39 0341.578246

WHATSAPP ENVY05  Whatsapp: +39 331.9210059