Company Profile


Our company is named Union Berries International S.a.s, who operates in the clothing business for over 40 years.

We are the third generation, and we are looking confidently looking to the fourth generation.

Our activities have always been the wholesale and retails sales throught pur multi-brand stores.


Envy stores:

Our Envy stores are still the point of contact with our customers, which allows us to have a constant feeling with the consumer and seize its needs. 

The Envy stores will be gald to receive your visit: 


Envy 05 online store:

In 2012 we decided to invest in the ecommerce project, strongly believing that it is strategic for our company to be present in the world on the internet sales. 

From this vision was born Envy05 online store that allows us to expand the horizons of sales beyond the city limits of the traditional shops. 

A young and willing team manages internally in our company the ecommerce


Where we are:

Our Headquarters and warehouse are located in the municipality of Oggiono in the province of Lecco. We are on in Lombardia region in the north part of Italy. Our area it's famous for the Como's Lake and for Alessandro Manzoni's novels: The Betrothed.

The link to our homeland is strong and dictated by the deep love for it.


Headquaters, office & warehouse in Oggiono (LC), Via Per Molteno s.n.c.



TELEFONO ENVY05 ONLINE STORE  Phone:      +39 0341.578246

WHATSAPP ENVY05  Whatsapp: +39 331.9210059